In the very moment you want to give up, give it all you have got, you are on the brink of your breakthrough

We believe our members deserve the very best, which is why we have created a membership that provides access to experts who specialise in exclusive head-to-heel, inside and out services.

We have a range of:

Energy therapist, hypnotherapists, Nutritionists, Yoga, Pilates teachers, Personal Trainers, Weight Loss Experts, Hair, Makeup and Image Consultants, Body Language Experts, Voice and Life Coaches to name but a few.

The purpose of having a private membership is so we can work closely with our partners to bring you exclusive privileges, discounts and benefits that are not available to the general public.

The Holistic Lifestyle Club is an all-year-round membership; we give you access to the very best life-changing therapies, thought-provoking techniques and beauty treatments, to be used at your own pace.

Remarkable things happen when we step outside the comfort of our self-limitations

About HLC Membership

The HLC membership offers you:

  • Exclusive access to Holistic and Lifestyle Partner offers
  • Discounted rates to therapies & treatments
  • Privileges to beauty, fashion and lifestyle partners
  • Discounted rates to HLC programs, packages & workshops
  • Complimentary treatments
  • Invitation to The HLC Exclusive Gala Events

The Holistic Lifestyle Club is the only lifestyle club providing exclusive holistic and lifestyle packages

The HLC programs are for women of any age who are seeking to unlock their physical and spiritual potential. Our programs empower and motivate women to be proactive, have fun, learn about their health and explore the possibilities of a more active and balanced lifestyle.

To keep our offers and programs exclusive, you need to be a member to view them.

We offer three-levels of membership, for more information, click here