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If you want a memorable life, you have to live a life worth remembering

How much quality time do we spend on ourselves?

The purpose of The Holistic Lifestyle Club is to help women bring about healthy change in their lives, so they can experience life as an exciting adventure.

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside

Having worked closely with many amazing women over the years, the one question I always ask, is:

What do we all want from life?

The obvious answer, of course is to be happy. Happiness is made up of our life experiences, the more happier and healthier experiences we have, the happier lives we will lead.

Sounds so simple doesn't it? Yet, somehow, life gets in the way.

Authentic happiness is not something we can go out and get, it is only something we can be, and it is a choice that we make everyday

We as women are natural multi-taskers, and therefore we will take on many roles, placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves and feeling pressure to be all to everyone.

With this kind of pressure, we will unconsciously feel resentment and anger at trying to appease those around us to the detriment of our health and happiness.

We put ourselves at the bottom of a long list and when it comes to focusing on ourselves, we use the age-old excuse, “we have no time”.

We tell ourselves, we will focus on us, when our work commitments, family ties, and everyday stresses, are dealt with, but we never get around to it.

Our membership is designed to give you access to our exclusive services and promotions all year round, to help you create a healthier, happier you. What excuses do you have?