Our Workshops

Workshops are a wonderful way to enable us to open up to parts of ourselves; we would otherwise hide away from

Our workshops really are one of a kind. Designed to bring about change in ways that are fun, engaging, encouraging and inspiring.

The Holistic Lifestyle Club has partnered with some of the country's leading therapists, healers, coaches, speakers, and spiritual teachers to help make our workshops truly life-changing experiences.

We women are nurturers and when we are brought together to create change, we naturally encourage and motivate each other in non-judgmental and supportive ways.

To make real and lasting change, we have to become active participators in our lives, we must desire change above anything else.

With our liberating, fun, deep and sometimes off-the-wall workshops, we will experience changes at our core level, using specific techniques to release past issues, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. We will also be coaxed out of our comfort zone using fun and creative exercises.

With our Holistic and Lifestyle partners we have created many levels to our workshops, We run complete transformational workshops for weight loss, diet and nutrition, to finding love, letting go of negative relationship patterns, changing our careers to suit our lives, the changing stages of women’s health, through to revamping our wardrobe, understanding our own unique style and using our body language to get what we want, and so much more.

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